Montana Ag Groups Join Forces to Opposed I-191

Dozens of organizations representing agriculture, conservation, public access, and economic development are banding together to oppose Ballot Initiative 191.

Chuck Denowh from the Montana Group, who’s working with the organizations opposed to I-191, told Northern Ag Network what the initiative would do.

“I-191 is focused on about a 110-mile stretch of the Gallatin and Madison Rivers and it would subject those rivers to the same strict regulations that we usually only see in National Parks and Wilderness Areas. It’s a pretty restrictive initiative, a lot of activities that are currently allowed in agriculture, public access, etc., those would be more limited under I-191,” said Denowh.

Perhaps the biggest impacts of I-191 would be on agriculture. Denowh explains that the initiative prohibits the Department of Environmental Quality from issuing new permits or expanding existing permits.

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