No On I-191 Coalition membership form

By joining the No on I-191 Coalition you agree to have your name listed on communications distributed by the Coalition. You also agree to consider participation in the following activities:

  • Distributing information from the Coalition to your memberships;
  • Signing your name to letters to the editor, op eds and other earned media opportunities; and
  • Timely notifying the No on I-191 Campaign of any in-kind expenditures that must be included in the No on I-191 Campaign finance reports.

The No on I-191 Campaign agrees to keep Coalition members:

  • Informed of ongoing activities through periodic update meetings;
  • Take into account Coalition members advice and ideas related to the campaign;
  • To the extent possible, assist Coalition members with any required campaign finance reports; and
  • Provide Coalition members with messaging and graphics to be shared by Coalition members.

Membership Form

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